About the School

The main focus of the school is research and education in theology and religious studies. The school tries to build upon longstanding traditions as well as adapt to the modern world around it, creating an intricate, but productive environment for present and future development. Until 2015, the school was called the Faculty of Theology

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PhD Studies


Currently there are four main fields of study at the school. Each of these study fields has multiple faculty members working on it together with PhD students.

History and the present of religiosity

Church History

Religious History of the Middle East and the Bible

Contemporary Christian faith and practice


Our blog contains popular science overviews of our research and information about what’s happening in the fields of theology and religious studies. Occasionally we also post in English.

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Latvian researcher Agita Misāne gave a lecture on the perception of death and imagined afterlife in Latvian traditional and contemporary religious cultures.
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On 20 March, the University of Helsinki announced that Riho Altnurme, Professor of Church History at the University of Tartu, and Madis Noppel, Specialist of Aerosol Physics at the University of Tartu
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12 April at 14.15-15.45 at Ülikooli 16-214 will be a meeting with fashion designer, environmental activist and professor of Liberal Arts Reet Aus. Screening the documentary "Out of Fashion".
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Bachelor’s degree ceremony of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities takes place on Monday, 20 June at 13 in the University of Tartu assembly hall (Ülikooli 18).