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The main focus of the school is research and education in theology and religious studies. Theology has a long and complex history in Tartu, extending back to the Middle Ages and it has been taught at the University of Tartu since the university was founded in 1632. Religious studies as a separate field of research and education has developed in the past few decades. The school tries to build upon longstanding traditions as well as adapt to the modern world around it, creating an intricate, but productive environment for present and future development. Until 2015, the school was called the Faculty of Theology.

Both theology and religious studies are represented in the curriculum at BA, MA, and PhD level.

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The school has many cooperative agreements with different churches in Estonia, but is not directly related to any of them, maintaining its academic independence. Theology taught at the school can be described as protestant, but is not linked to any specific protestant church. Religious studies at the school strives to maintain its independence and neutrality in these matters and concentrates on strictly academic research and teaching, working in close cooperation with the Estonian Society for the Study of Religions.

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