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Study programme "Orthodox Church and Contemporary Challenges"

We invite participants to the international, English-taught study programme “Orthodox Church and Contemporary Challenges”, which aims to address, in the context of the history and theology of the Orthodox Church, the burning theological and societal issues of the modern age that challenge both the Orthodox Church and Western society as a whole.

This study programme includes courses focusing on topics such as ecological crisis and ecotheology, spirituality and new age, imperialist narratives, nationalism and etnophyletism, psychology and psychotherapy.

The programme is coordinated in cooperation with University of Tartu School of Theology and Religious Studies, Volos Academy for Theological Studies and Orthodox Church of Estonia.


In light of the theology of the Orthodox Church and the historical context, this programme provides a comprehensive picture of the problems prevalent in contemporary society. Programme will enable the learner to adequately relate the knowledge acquired during the courses to practical life and to understand societal discourses and dynamics.

We welcome you to participate if:

  • you wish to discern the major historical and doctrinal trends in Orthodoxy;
  • you wish to acquire the most important concepts in Orthodoxy and to know how to use them.

Schedule: September 2023 to June 2024

Within the programme four courses are completed. Courses take place in the form of sessional learning. There are four sessions in each course: two sessions take place in the auditorium, and there is a possibility to participate in a hybrid form; two sessions are online.

Auditorium sessions take place for two days (10 academic hours each session), while the online sessions take place on one day (5 academic hours each session).

Venue: Studying takes place partly in the auditorium, but the courses can also be passed fully online! 

Total volume: 12 ECTS

Fee: EUR 600, payment is made in two parts (in each semester EUR 300).

Session Week Date and Time Lecturers Study form
I 28.

March 12 12:00-17:00, March 13 9:00-14:00

Prof. Brandon Gallaher Hybrid (2x5hour)
II 33. April 19 12:00-17:00 Prof. Cyril Hovorun Online
III 37. May 17 12:00-17:00 Prof. Brandon Gallaher Online
IV 41.

June 12 12:00-17:00, June 13 12:00-17:00

Prof. Cyril Hovorun Hybrid (2x5hour)


Session Week Date and Time Lecturers  Study form
I 26. February 26 12:00-17:00 Dr. Katerina Bauer Online
II 29. March 18 12:00-17:00, March 19 12:00-17:00 Dr. Katerina Bauer Online
III 31. April 2 9:00-14:00, April 3 9:00-14:00 Prof. Ivana Noble Hybrid (2x5hour)
IV 41. June 14 12:00-17:00 Prof. Ivana Noble Online


Session Week Date and Time Lecturers Study form
I 3 September 22 12:00-17:00, September 23 10:00-15:45 Dr. Aikaterini Tsalampouni Hybrid (2x5hour)
II 7 October 20 Dr. Nikolaos Asproulis, Prof. John Chryssavgis Online
III 11 November 17 12:00-17:00, November 18 10:00-15:45 Dr. Nikolaos Asproulis Hybrid (2x5hour)
IV 15 December 15 Dr. Aikaterini Tsalampouni Online
Session Week Date and Time Lecturers Study form
I 5 October 6 12:00-17:00, October 7 09:00-14:45 Dr. Grigorios Chrysostomos Tympas Hybrid (2x5hour)
II 8 October 27 12:00-17:00, October 28 10:00-15:45 Assoc. Prof. Vasileios Thermos Hybrid (2x5hour)
III 12 November 25 Dr. Grigorios Chrysostomos Tympas Online
IV 15 December 16 Assoc. Prof. Vasileios Thermos Online


All lecturers are internationally well-known top specialists:

  • Prof. John Chryssavgis, Dr. Nikolaos Asproulis, Dr. Aikaterini TsalampouniEcotheology
  • Dr. Grigorios Chrysostomos Tympas, Assoc. Prof. Vasileios ThermosPsychology and Psychotheraphy
  • Prof. Brandon Gallaher, Prof. Cyril HovorunTheopolitics
  • Assoc. Prof. Katerina Bauer, Prof. Ivana NobleChristianity and Post-Modern Spirituality

After completion, participants will receive a Certificate of completion.

Registration is open until 1 September 2023!

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