Graduate School of Humanities (HUMA) Autumn School

We invite you to participate in the Graduate School of Humanities (HUMA) Autumn School - a student conference, which will take place on November 24–November 25 at the University of Tartu Library.

The event brings together students and lecturers throughout the humanitarian field - Ethnology, Folkloristics and Applied Anthropology; European Languages and Cultures; Folkloristics and Applied Heritage Studies; History; Philosophy; Literature and Theatre Research; Semiotics; Semiotics and Culture Studies; Theology and Religious Studies are expected to be represented.

The conference will be held both in Estonian and English.

Participants have a unique opportunity to introduce their research topic with a 15-minute presentation. This will of course help with the preparations for dissertation defense and offers the experience of preparing for and delivering an academic presentation. Participants will also receive valuable feedback about the work from professors and doctoral students of various disciplines. First year master’s students are welcome to participate with a poster presentation, which can also be based on your bachelor’s thesis.

The pre-event workshop of the HUMA Autumn School will help students prepare for the presentation. On 6th of October, at 18:15, a workshop "Forms of Academic Presentation in Humanities" by prof. Raili Marling and prof. Leena Kurvet-Käosaar will be held. During the workshop, students will learn how to formulate a presentation title, prepare an abstract, prepare for a presentation, and what exactly a poster presentation in humanities is. The workshop is held in Estonian in the von Bock building (Ülikooli 16) in room 109 and in English via Zoom.

The HUMA Autumn School will be a hybrid event that will take place both in the University of Tartu Library and online.  

We kindly ask that the participants of the HUMA Autumn School to register themselves before the 1st of October 2022. REGISTRATION FORM

All questions, problems and ideas are welcome and appreciated at

Be sure to attend and register today!



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