Contemporary Christian faith and practice

Christianity is constantly changing in Estonia and in the world. It is a constant dialogue with society, with science, with the piety of the individual. Faith must be formulated and interpreted over and over again. The Bible is interpreted, the history of interpretation and the practices of the church are studied through the ages in order to systematize religious thought and apply theological conclusions in everyday church life. Of particular importance is the theological analysis of the challenges posed by other scientific disciplines, as well as interfaith dialogue.

Research project Religion and Gender Equality: Baltic and Nordic Developments

Science and Religion

Religion and science has been one of the research fields at the School of Theology and Religious Studies since the beginning of the 21st century.

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Kadri Voorand

Musician Kadri Voorand to be the new Professor of Liberal Arts at the University of Tartu


Career conference „To new hights with a PhD degree!“


The Inaugural Conference of the Baltic Network of Women's History gathers in Tartu