Religious History of the Middle East and the Bible

There have been many cultural and religious impulses in the Middle East over the past five thousand years. The Faculty of Theology deals with ancient Mesopotamia as well as Judaism and Islam. The Bible has its origins in the context of the Middle East. This means the study of its texts, its historical background and its Hebrew-Aramaic, Hellenistic and Roman cultural and religious history, as well as its original Christianity. The research involves dealing with (old) languages, among which Semitic languages such as Akkadian, Old Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic and Syrian have a special place.

Project "The Emergence of the Biblical Book of Job on the Backdrop of the so-called Job Literature"

Project "Manuscripts at the Crossroad"


Research is conducted in the School of Theology and Religious Studies in a wide variety of fields, all of which are related to religion in one way or another. The most relevant and emphatic areas of research in recent times have been the history and present of religiosity, church history, modern Christian faith and practice, and the history of religion in the Middle East and the Bible.

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Research Projects