Jaanus Eensalu

„The Layout of the Holy Clementine“ - exhibition by Jaanus Eensalu in Philosophicum Hall Gallery

The exhibition “The Layout of the Holy Clementine” by Jaanus Eensalu, an artist and lecturer at the Pallas College of Art, will be opened on 29 April at 17 in the Philosophicum Hall Gallery.

Jaanus Eensalu

One can find wordplay, visual play and colour play at the exhibition. There is humor in the paintings side by side with contemplations and thought-provoking stories. Those who delve into the paintings may recognize a few familiar episodes and ideas, which are connected to Tartu’s science, spiritual and cultural scene. However, the exhibition will not be lacking universal human moments that most of us can relate to.

Jaanus Eensalu dedicates this exhibition to the School of Theology and Religious Studies of the University of Tartu. He says: "The best and purest communication in the world is kindness. In its teaching and research, the School continues to value the classical approach, but also pays increasing attention to innovative and interdisciplinary directions. Against this backdrop, the School of Theology and Religious Studies is characterized by a personal approach and a homely atmosphere.

Jaanus Eensalu is a painter, graphic designer and lecturer. He has mastered his creative education at the University of Tartu and the Pallas University of Applied Sciences. In the latter he is currently holding the position of Head of Department and Associate Professor. Jaanus Eensalu is a member of the Estonian Association of Graphic Designers and Tartu Artists´ Union. He has been exhibiting since 1971 and has also created a number of exhibition designs. He is a valued designer and media artist.

"The Layout of the Holy Clementine" will be showcased in the Philosophicum Hall Gallery until 20 June. The exhibition is open to all public during the building's opening hours.

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