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Cambridge University Press released paperback edition of "Augustine in Context" edited by Tarmo Toom

Cambridge University Press has released a paperback version of the volume Augustine in Context. The volume is edited by Tarmo Toom, Associate Professor of Patristics at the University of Tartu.

Augustine in Context is written by an international team of experts and delves into the multifaceted contexts that shaped the life and work of Augustine, one of the most influential figures in Western intellectual history. The collection of original essays provides readers with essential background knowledge to better understand and interpret Augustine's treatises. The book is organized in a logical manner, moving from an exploration of Augustine's personal context to the broader contexts of his works and ideas.

The editors of Cambridge’s “Literature in Context” decided to expand their prolific series by starting to include some Christian authors. The first attempt was a rather reserved and cautious one. It was proposed to add volumes on Jesus, Augustine, Luther, and Calvin. Since Jesus did not write anything (except on the sand and the apocryphal letter to King Agbar), only the last three remained. “The volume on Augustine, which I was asked to edit, was the first one to appear in 2017,” says Tarmo Toom. It was followed by Martin Luther in Context, ed. David M. Whitford (2018) and John Calvin in Context, ed. R. Ward Holder (2020). All three volumes consist of original essays by leading experts in their fields and are invaluable resources for both scholars and students alike, serving as essential tools for research.

For more information, visit the website of Cambridge University Press.


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