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Lea Altnurme was added to AcademiaNet portal

The Estonian Research Council submitted the names of 65 Estonian researchers for inclusion in the AcademiaNet portal for successful women researchers. Among other researchers, Lea Altnurme, associate professor of sociology of religion at the School of Theology and Religious Studies, was added to the portal this year.

The portal aims to highlight successful women researchers and increase their international recognition. In addition, the portal is a good tool for researchers and research institutions to find experts, speakers, academics, and project partners.

Lea Altnurme

In 2006 Lea Altnurme defended in UT her doctoral dissertation, which analysed the changes that took place in the religiosity of Estonians in the second half of the 20th century. Her research interests focus on the religiosity of Estonians in history and today, and on religious trends in the western cultural space in the 21st century. Currently she is a principal investigator in the project "Religious Toleration and Peace" (MVHUS18050R).


ESITIS 2024 "Methodologies and Ideologies in Interreligious Engagement: Building Bridges in a Multipolar World"

Pantelis Kalaitzidis

Guest lecture analyses Orthodox political theology in the context of neo-imperial illusions and contemporary challenges

Doctoral defence: Imar Yacine Koutchoukali ""Our ʿirbīt is not like your ʿarabiyya" – Linguistic and socio-political change in late antique South Arabia (550 – 850 AD)"

On 8 December at 14:15 Imar Yacine Koutchoukali will defend his doctoral thesis "Our ʿirbīt is not like your ʿarabiyya" – Linguistic and Socio-Political Change in Late Antique South Arabia (550 – 850 AD)" for obtaining the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (in Religious Studies).