Rahvusvaheline konverents "Ecumenical Theological Education - Pedagogical Perspectives and Practical Experiences" 11.-14.01.2007

11.-14.01.2007 korraldab TÜ usuteaduskond Domus Dorpatensise ruumides rahvusvahelise konverentsi "Ecumenical Theological Education - Pedagogical Perspectives and Practical Experiences". Töökeeleks on inglise keel. Konverentsi toimumiskohaks on Domus Dorpatensis. Ettekandjad Norrast, Soomest, Lätist, Venemaalt ja Eestist. Konverentsi toetajateks on Kirikute Maailmanõukogu ja Nordplus Neighbour projekt.


11. January
17.00-19.00 Session 1: Theological Education in Estonia.
Riho Altnurme: Faculty of Theology in the National University.
Toivo Pilli: Theological Education in the Estonian Baptist Church.
Ove Sander: New challenges in pastoral training: standing between academic standards and Church requirements. Kai Ingolf Johannessen: Nordplus Neighbour – What Is It?

12. January
10.00-13.00 Session 2: Fundamental questions of Theological Education
Kai Ingolf Johannessen: The Quality of Theological Education in the (post)modern society
Einar Vetvik: Christian based education for social professions – goals and limitations in practice.

Break 15 min

Dace Dolace: Theological Education as Praxis: the perspective of Practical theology.
Skaidrite Gutmane: Development Orientation in Modern Higher Education.

Lunch: 13.00 - 14.30

14.30-17.30 Session 3: Curriculum and Theological Educators
Peter Balla: Curriculum and theological educators under the expectations from the "academy" and from the "church".
Allan Kährik: The Impact of Bologna Process on Theological Higher Education in Estonia - Considering Some Trends Especially in Curriculum Development.

Break 15 min

Laima Geikina: Teacher Training in the Context of Bologna-Bergen Process.
Einike Pilli: Competence model of theological educator.

17.45-19.00 Workshop on the issues presented in the papers.
Workshop: Nordplus Neighbour section

13. January
10.00-12.15 Session 4: Practical experiences about different issues of theological education.
Pirjo Hakala & Pekka Launonen: Students and their education in diaconia and Christian youth work in Finland.
Ralfs Kokins: Theological Education in Latvia. Contemporary Situation.
Ain Riistan: Theological education in Open University – experiences and comparison with denominational theological high schools.

Lunch 12.30-15.00

15.00 -17.30
Anne Kull: Science and religion in dialogue – option of theologians to cross the borders.
Pille Valk: Teaching religious studies for the students of other faculties.

Short break 15 min

Ott Ojaperv: Finding Vocabulary with which to explicate Byzantine Orthodox liturgical concepts in the context of Religious Plurality in Estonian Cultural life. Vladimir Fedorov Ecumenism and theological education

17.30-18.30 (19.00) Workshops on the issues presented in the papers.
Workshop: Nordplus Neighbour Section

14. January
9.30 Guided tour to the St. John Church
NB! Conference venue: Faculty of Theology/usuteaduskond Ülikooli 18, II-III floor
10.00-12.00 Plenary - Feedback from the workshops and discussion.
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